This Super Mom needs a drink

because lets be honest. As cute as they are, kids can stress the hell out of you!

Welcome all Super Moms!

This Super Mom needs a drink is a blog dedicated to all of us hardworking, loving, tired as hell but deserve it all Mommy’s! We are simply getting through parenthood and adulthood one step at a time. Who says we can’t get through it together?!

During your journey on this blog you will find posts full of humor (or so I hope), truth about parenting (because hey nobody is perfect), and well the life of simply being a mom.

Being a Mother may be the best title any woman could ever be given but we damn sure aren’t warned about what comes along with it!

So please, whether it is bedtime, browsing the internet, or you just want to laugh. Grab whatever beverage of choice and enjoy yourself!

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