Dear Teenage Kristy

Recently, I was asked what would I tell my 16-year old self? At first I babbled on a few things that I would tell myself but suddenly it occurred to me that this would be a great topic to write about. Instead, I chose to focus on what I would tell my teenage self considering that I made dumb choices most of my High School life! So here goes a letter to the younger version of me!

Dear Teenage Kristy,

I know you are becoming a Teen now and these next few years are going to be quite the experience for you. You will struggle with fitting in as well as experience in personal relationships with boys. Do yourself a favor, through it all stay true to yourself, and keep a strong mind. Don’t wean into the lies that these boys will tell you, remember to respect yourself and don’t let anybody, and I mean anybody walk over you. (They will try!)

First thing is first, listen to your older sister Lindsey! She has made one to many mistakes in her High School life and as pesty as she may come off her advice is important so listen to her!

Focus on your education right now because 10 years down the road you are going to wish that you paid attention in school. You are going to start to realize how much potential you really do have so do yourself a favor and get the best grades you can get. You’ll thank yourself later…trust me!

Next, respect your parents and keep your family close. Most of the females in your life may claim to be your friends but they really aren’t. You will learn this so keep your circle tight and don’t loosen it up to much. High School teaches you who the real and the fake are. Some of these girls will talk behind your back and the others will still be standing tall on graduation day. Also, your friend Avi, appreciate her, appreciate every single laugh and minute that you have with her. You will want to hold on to these memories down the road.

You are going to stumble into a few boys during High School. You are going to believe every single word they say to you. They are going to make you feel loved when they really are turning behind your back and telling another girl the same exact thing. Boys only want females for one thing at this age. Let me tell you, be strong and hold your respect high. They are going to one day hurt you and teach you what a broken heart feels like. Don’t ease into their words and PLEASE protect yourself. If you don’t consequences will come with you and you are only going to end up hurting your parents in the end. Who would you rather choose your parents or a boy? Think about that.

Last, show your parents all of the love in the world. Keep an open relationship with them and remind them everyday how much you love them. You may be going through a teenage phase but when High School passes by and you grow up you are going to realize how amazing they are. You can really tell your mom ANYTHING even if it seems that you cant. Trust me on this she is a really down to earth person.

Being a teenager is hard. You are beginning to learn who the real people are in your life. You are going to be vulnerable to everything because you are still learning about yourself. Any mistakes you make will have consequences but if you keep a strong mind you are going to learn from mistakes and make it into a better situation. In the end you are going to grow into a wise woman who is extremely responsible. Things might not make sense now but they will!

Always remember these words,

27-year old Kristy

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