Letter Challenge Day 2: Write a letter to your Crush

Challenge Number 2: Write a letter to your crush

February 2, 2017

Dear Crush,

Saying ‘Dear Crush’ makes me giggle. So let me rephrase that introduction.

Dear my amazing Husband,

Let me begin by saying I love you. I know you hear this day in and day out but I simply can’t drown you in hugs, kisses, and I love you enough.

I am so thankful for you. Thankful for everything you do. Thankful for how hard you work to take care of Ahmyri and I. Well, thankful that you have and continue to stand by my side on this journey of building our beautiful life together. I love our journey.

April 13, 2007. I met you. I remember that handsome smile as if it was yesterday and not a freakin’ decade ago, how scary! I guess time fly’s when you are having fun, huh?!

To think we were both in different relationships and met innocently. To think during that time we became best of friends. To think that we fell in love and we created a beautiful little girl together.

The day I told you I was pregnant you asked, “Are you trying to tell me I am going to get killed??!!” I may have replied with a yes, or a huge yes. After going silent for half of the day you called me saying you wanted to hang out. The minute I got in the car you told me you were excited and whatever I wanted to do you’d be right by my side. But it all worked out, wonderfully. Our families love one another and we created one perfection of a little girl.

Thank you for supporting me, thank you for being such an amazing man at such a young age, thank you for taking me in. Thank you for taking care of me those 9 months and these 10 years that we have spent by one another’s side.

Babe, you have done nothing but shown me love. My words of appreciation can never describe the feelings that I have for you! I look at you in amazement. Amazement that we not only created a child together but, we have built, and continue to build a future together. A future we build together day by day.

Days that I go to sleep I wake up knowing you are going to make me smile. I know everyday is a blessing to see a new day but it is also a new adventure with you!

Babe, thank you. Thank you for standing by me, for loving me, for making me laugh with your silly self, and for always supporting me even when I am sure you contemplated running away.

You pick me up when I am down. You put me in my place when I need to be placed. You are my biggest support system by far!

I look at you and I know I am blessed.

I can run to you no matter what the situation may be. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life. My biggest guidance.

You make me laugh, make me smile, and bring out sides of me I never knew I had. You showed me the true strength within me and helped me see the potential that I am capable of.

You have a heart made of gold, a heart everybody knows and love. You walk in a room and the vibes become real. I am so glad to say you are mine! So glad to lie next to you each night; and to wake up to you each morning. So glad to have known you and continue to learn more about you over our lifetime.

Thank you for loving me because you’re doing it perfectly.

I am so thankful for you, my forever crush!

Love your wife,


December 3, 2016 💗Mr. & Mrs. Wright

est. 2007

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