Who Stole my Brain Cells?

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OK, lets take a poll. How often have you walked into a room only to realize you forgot what you walked into that room for? How many times have you freaked out because you can’t find your cellphone only, to look down and realize it was in you’re hand the entire time? Image result for mom brainWhoo hoo, panic attack over! How about forgetting to buy chicken. Even though you specifically went to the store for that darn chicken! Hey, you might even have forgot where you put the baby or that your child was suppose to be picked up from soccer hours ago.



Somebody, call Doc McStuffins because we have a diagnoses and that my friends is what we all call, ‘Mom Brain’.

I am thoroughly convinced that mom brain generates in the womb. The day you pee on that stick and see those double red lines not only is a baby cooking in the bun but, your brain has joined the gym to shred some of your precious brain cells.

Growing up, I would think my mom was crazy. I didn’t understand why she would call my brother Kristy, my sister R.J., and I adopted my sisters name Lindsey (to this day I am Lindsey). I mean lets be serious, how can you forget your own kids name?! You named us for goodness sake!

I also didn’t understand why she talked to herself and always wrote a grocery list. I use to think it was strange that my grown adult mother had a handy, dandy, notebook. Why was my mom writing step by step her week in advance? Doesn’t she know I have a dentist appointment and that my brother has his parent teacher conference. I mean it’s obvious that we ran out of milk this morning. *insert eye roll*

Now that I am a mother, I understand that my mom really doesn’t need to be checked into the psycho ward. Sorry mom! I understand that she was suffering from a disorder called, mom brain. I would have never imagined that seven years ago having my daughter my once college, smart, witty, brain would fry and become clueless. Hey, sometimes I can’t even remember my own name or if I dropped my daughter off to school (kidding on this one, it totally sounded good though!).

The other day I woke up anxious and screaming in my head TGIF. I couldn’t wait to get the workday and adult responsibilities over with so I could get home and really enjoy that glass (ok bottle) of wine. Nothing is better than clocking out of the office on Friday knowing you can let your hair down and unwind. Kids won’t go to sleep? Ah, fine. Go watch a movie in your room just leave mommy alone darn it; it’s Friday!

Anyway, I pack her lunch and grab all of my belongings. Just as I was going for the door I realized I should probably put on a coat, I do live in New York and it is winter. I step back into the house put on my coat and do a check. Car keys? Check. Lunch? Check. Coat? (Since I originally forgot it) Check. Shoes? Check. Oh man, did I turn off the flat iron? Oh, yes, yes I did. Check. Ok, I got it all. Wait, do I have Ahmyri? Yes, she’s right there. Check. Ok, good to go. Let’s get out of here and get this day done!

We get into the car and I go to turn my keys when I hear my daughter hysterically laughing in the back seat. Let me tell you, I was confused. Did a bird poop on me? Did she see something funny? Is there something in my teeth? “Ahmyri, what is so funny?” “Mommy, look what you did.” Still confused I look around the car in an attempt to get on the same page as this crazy kid. What did I do? I closed the door and was going to heat up the car. I am pretty sure that is all I had done. I then decided to look around again. Look down and why yes, I brought both of the towels that we used to wet our hair that morning into the car with me. I had all intentions on hanging these towels up in the bathroom yet; the other side of me must have felt it very important that they travel to work today. It’s only fair that towels take a car ride once in a while right?!

I responded out loud, “What the heck?!?” and my daughter (still laughing) says, “I thought it was weird you were carrying those.” Oh, thanks Ahmyri I appreciate you thinking your mom is crazy instead of making me look less crazy.

img_9723^The evidence.

I guess it is safe to say my mom brain was in full effect that Friday morning. I got quite the laugh myself and just couldn’t stop laughing every time I got back in my car and looked at these towels.

Now, don’t get me wrong seven years of motherhood I have many stories to tell about my mom brain. I have made it as far as going to work with only mascara on one eye. Literally. I have no idea how I managed that one.

Thank goodness I only have one child. For those with multiple I applaud you and praise you mom! It’s got to be rough at times.

In conclusion, Mom brain is real. It is REALLY real my friends. So if your spouse, coworker, or any other human walking this earth that is NOT a mother tell them to suck it. Until they birth out a human being they have no idea the truth behind the loss of brain cells. Our kids are intelligent at the age of two because we gave them half of our brain.

It’s real and I am positive any mother can relate and share quite a few stories.

I always tell my husband, “Imagine opening Windows Explorer and needing to do research. You have about 20 tabs opened at once.” That is how I describe mom brain.

So you beautiful, amazing Mommy’s out there! Get dinner done, the kids to bed, sit down, pour a glass of wine (or beverage of choice), and laugh at all of the funny mom brain moments you have had. It’s Monday. I won’t tell and you enjoy it.

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