Let it snow, let it snow, oh no!

I am not a fan of snow. I have had people lecture me for whining about it. Thats cool. At the end of the day, nothing about the cold or snow makes me smile If you know me well enough you know I cringe at the thought of white stuff falling out of the sky.

Just being honest about my chilly feelings.

The first ‘fall’ may be pretty. Yes, I admit that. But, the game gets real when you have to stand shivering in the cold shoveling yourself out of the house, making a path to your car, and then cleaning the snow off of your car.

It also lacks beauty the next day when all of the crisp white snow is now covered in guck and dirt. Yuck!

However, I will say that I, yes me, am a fan of the snow if it gets you a free day, or img_9804two, out of work/school. I mean who could ask for anything better?! If the weatherman says snow I am secretly wishing for inches upon inches for a day off. If we get a few flurries Mother Nature can take it back. No, seriously. It is all hers i’d rather do without the flurries and slush.

Today, my town got snow, lots of snow, and ice. We even had strange thunder and lightning that I insisted on Google searching and I read is called, “Thunder snow”. I guess you really do learn something new every day!

Anyway, I was beyond excited to get that 6:30 am text saying, “Office is closed today”. Who doesn’t love to hear that? I had to go and kiss my daughter for wearing her pajamas inside out because that trick works every time, snow and no work/school! Woo hoo!

In case you didn’t know these superstitions are not a joke. I Googled them (I love Google) and look at this list I found in regards to how to make a snow day happen:

  1. Put a spoon under your pillow
  2. Wear your pajamas inside out and backwards <- Told you so!
  3. Drop one ice cube in the toilet for every inch of snow you want
  4. Shake a snow globe every time you walk past one
  5. Eat ice cream the night before (Eh, I don’t know about this one. Everybody around the world would have a heck of a lot of snow, just saying!)
  6. Say your prayers

So it’s true that these crazy ideas work. I suggest you snow lovers should try them out sometime and now let’s continue with the story..

I instantly went back to bed because this sleeping beauty was taking advantage of her time to sleep in. Only for some unknown reason EVERYBODY decided to start texting me at 7:30 in the morning. I swear nobody ever texts me unless they sense that Kristy wants to sleep in. After tossing, turning, silencing and throwing my phone across the room. I Finally, get out of bed and attend to my daily tasks.

As any mother would; I planned an entire stuck in the house fun day with my daughter and I. Daddy had to work (poor hubby, literally) but we watched movies, built Legos, played Barbie’s, board games, colored, did our sticker by number books, you name it.

Well, to get to the basics – as any child would my daughter kept asking to go outside. Of course, I as any mom would say yes.

After searching the closet for her snow clothes we stored away last winter. Trying to force her feet into her snow boots that I thought she grew out of. Only to realize her pajamas are not only inside out but that she had four pairs of socks on each foot – no that’s not a joke. I guess she’s making her own let it snow superstitions.

We get her ready.

I open the back door. Stick a hand out. Get some snow blown into my face.

Bad idea. Abort mission.

I shut the door.

Don’t worry. My daughter still went out! I am not that bad!! Just she didn’t go out with me. Instead, she went out with her grandmother because isn’t that what grandmothers are for?!

I instead stayed in my fluffy pajama pants (not inside out) and sat down to type this post.

I tried I swear I did! But, I punk’d out. I get an A for honesty right?

However, thank you Mother Nature and pretty-for-now snow, thank you for my day off! Should I wear my pajamas inside out tonight and shoot for another day off? 4-day weekends are always grand! Can’t we all agree?


^^^^ Here is a photo of my daughter reading the Lego manual. She worked so hard it was amazing! Peep the inside out nightgown.


^^^^ Here is a picture of the outcome from the Lego building adventure. Credit goes to MOMMY. After 5 minutes of finding the right Lego and following the directions little missy ditched me to move onto other tasks. I should join a Lego building competition. Thank you American Girl doll for making very detailed Legos, lol!

Successful snow day, i’d say. 🙂




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