Oh crap, my kid is just like me.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I always wondered who she would look like more – Mommy or Daddy? I wondered what the sound of her voice would be like, the color of her eyes and hair, and well whose personality she would carry the most.



The moment I laid eyes on her, or well the moment anybody laid eyes on her it was obvious, very obvious. She was definitely my husband’s child; no DNA test required (even10391678_1182267121593_165567_n though he likes to joke that he wants one). From the eyes, to the nose, to her face structure she was her father, and well she still is – that is one fact that could never be denied.




As for her personality you ask? Well, throughout her 7 years of life she has shown her dad’s personality, my personality, her grandparents, friends, aunts personalities, even her own unique personality. Which has been quite interesting to witness…I must say.

She is a little young lady full of life, with a big heart, shy at times but always kind to those around her, she is independent, a diva, and a mermaid princess. She also possesses a teeny bit of sarcasm mixed with one heck of a sense of humor. Aside from that she can talk your ears off, no matter what time of day it is and can write you a novel (just like her mama).

Reading the previous paragraph I laugh. I laugh because in one simple paragraph I answered my own question that I have had for 7 years – whose personality will our daughter have the most of?

That was easy.

As I am typing this post I hear the shower running. As I am listening I hear my daughter singing, laughing, and talking away to herself. A little human who sounds just like somebody I know…Oh crap, my kid really is just like me!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.32.48 PM

It’s funny because I always tell people as much as she doesn’t have my features she screams Mommy, because she has my personality. She is so much like me that we go from best friends, to enemies, to best friends, to crying in laughter together. She is a mini me in disguise and not one person who knows us would tell you otherwise.

Just the other day my husband and I were watching television. She walks into the room looking for some random toy. I am sure a Barbie or a doll, or some Lego she forgot about, and says, “I know I am not losing my mind. Are you serious right now? It has to be here, I am not crazy!” I couldn’t maintain my laughter because my husband looked at me and said, “And you say she doesn’t get anything from you?!”

Oh, the simple things in life. It is truly a blessing to not only create a human being but to raise one. To see all of the gifts and beauty they bring to this life. How easily they can look like one parent but act like another. As obnoxious they can be at times they are truly a gift to cherish especially when you realize how much love and humor they bring into your life.


P.S. The husband really does have a beautiful smile.

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