I have been MIA, Oh my!

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since March. All I can think to myself is what is wrong with me?

With that being said I realized as much as my followers have lost me I have lost myself.

See how simple it is for life, work, and everything in-between can take you over?

One thing I know is I strive to put my family, as well as myself first. Yet, it is sad that my one passion, aka, my blog has to be pushed aside for my own sanity.

So I think let’s refresh this and here is 50 things about me: (I have hope people want to bore themselves reading about me)!

  1. I am a wife as of December 3, 2016
  2. I lost my Best Friend when I was 19 years old. I am still trying to grasp my mind around it.
  3. On July 21, 2009 I became a Mommy for the first time.
  4. My daughter has me addicted to ‘Once Upon a Time.’
  5. I live for mashed potatoes and vegetables.
  6. The day I got my license I was pulled over for running a yellow light. No. I am not kidding. He even asked me where I live. According to my Dad he says the cop was stalking me, lol!
  7. I love wine spritzers.
  8. Okay, I love any moment I have to enjoy a calm-me-down drink.
  9. My husband secretly has me addicted to riding bikes again.
  10. I love talking, reading, and anything with writing you a novel (as most can tell).
  11. My daughter and I love playing board games. (Even though she beats me in LIFE. I always end up with two sets of twins and six babies)
  12. I love reading. So much that I taught myself to read at the age of three. Ask people, it’s true!
  13. I like my steak medium rare, judge me. It won’t be the first. Ew, blood…lmao.
  14. If I have plans. Plans have to be made. If 4 pm is the time to meet. Then you must be ready! No earlier..no later!
  15. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I just simply love humor. Life is too serious to not laugh in the moment!
  16. My Monday nights consist of me cancelling any plans because I must drink wine, watch Love & Hip Hop, and Teen Mom.
  17. I love to make people smile and laugh.
  18. When I fail at #17 my feelings take over and I cry. No, that’s not a lie!
  19. I have OCD when it comes to clean ovens, kitchen counters, and bathrooms. Do all of those apply for my family?..probably not. LOL!
  20. I use to despise my Mom. Now she is my BFF!
  21. I am an amazing singer. Literally, I should be on Americas Got Talent..only when I am in my car or a shower!
  22. If I won the millions I would own a simple one story house. I would only hire service to fold my laundry and wash dishes. I can handle the rest!
  23. Everybody calls me Kristy but my real name is Kristylee. Please don’t call me that!
  24. I must always have a sheet, fleece, and comforter on top of me no matter the season (sorry my Reg). However, my feet have to hang out with a fan on them, lmao.
  25. I hate anything sweet or too sugary. Yep. Yucky!
  26. My husband is my Best Friend. Even when it doesn’t seem it.
  27. I want three kids.
  28. I want to live in Jamaica on a two year plan.
  29. I can’t wait until I get my own place. It’s been a long time coming.
  30. My husband believes in my goals so he motivated me to post this post and to keep continuing my love for writing.
  31. July 21 just passed and it was my daughters 8th Birthday. I am still trying to grasp the thought that she is 8!
  32. I only like even numbers.
  33. The funny part is my favorite number is 11.
  34. Whats even funnier is I always sucked at math. Yet, I use numbers at work everyday.
  35. I have my Associates in Business and Bachelors in Psychology.
  36. I strive to make people happy.
  37. I can sense a fake person before they even approach myself, or those I love.
  38. I am a zodiac Cancer and I live true to it 100%
  39. I always wanted a boy but now that I am a mother to a girl I can’t imagine life any different.
  40. I still want a #teamboy though!
  41. As much as my daughter wants to be a Mermaid..Mommy wants to also!
  42. Blogging really eases my anxiety.
  43. As well as sitting on my kindle doing puzzles. Yep, I am a nerd!
  44. My family comes first.
  45. I dance like a white girl but, I sure will dance my butt off! #noshame
  46. It scares me how much my brother and I look a like.
  47. I hate flowers. My husband knows not to give them to me. Do I appreciate them,  yes! But, they always die…and make a mess!
  48. I am petrified of death.
  49. My heart breaks that my favorite people moved. Yet, I am so happy for them. They deserve every happiness they have received on this journey.
  50. Well, I made it to 50. So with that I am going to bed.

Life, has been a lot. And working on a computer all day makes my eyes burn. Half the reason I haven’t posted. I have to admit this feels amazing. So with that, in my mom voice, “Yay, to Super Moms”. Keep being your tough inspiring selves! We all deserve breaks, smiles, happiness, and every other curve ball thrown at us. We are Super Women!

Love, share, respect. Until the next post. IMG_1031^We have been up to a lot more than this. Just a bit of our family shenanigans!

One thought on “I have been MIA, Oh my!

  1. Definitely…. Missed your blog! Please don’t let anything stop you. I know life gets crazy busy, see you soon 😘👏💪


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