Weekend Getaways

Since a young age my Dad has always taken my siblings and I on trips. Whether they were week long planned vacations or, simply a weekend away. He always expressed to us how important living in the moment, and enjoying your life truly is.

In the words of my Dad, “Money comes and goes. Just like your life. However, if you want to choose one happiness. Choose time with family because before you know it. No money can ever equal to love”.

Now that I have a family of my own I understand how true his statement is.

Upon meeting my husband he always wanted to know why I felt the need to go here, do this, take a photo here.

After time. I believe he realizes how much it means to my heart, and well his. That we spend time away from the stress of work and life to spend time with one another. As the years have flown by (I hate to say that) we have spent so many lovely family trips away with one another.

With that being said. This previous weekend we spent a quick weekend getaway at my Bosses house in Tyler Hill, PA. We have brought many friends/family along to this home. And, well, it’s a place we have grown to love and cherish as our own. Even with 2 nights and 1 day away the feeling of being ‘away’ rejuvenates you for not only your sanity of knowing you have time off on the weekend but that you can spend family time away with peace!

No, I am not going to get goofy with this post. Surprisingly, coming from me right? I am excited that this previous weekend my brother and Dad came along with us! I have been waiting six years for both of them, especially my Dad to come on this trip! It was a great feeling to share the love of a place with the ones I love. A very much needed trip.



^^Just a few shots of us this weekend. My favorite has to be the one of my family on the rocks and my Dad and Husband. Beautiful, lovely, memories.

At the end of the day. Always live for the little moments in life. They are the ones you should hold closest to your hearts. I know looking back at these moments melt mine.









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