Dear Summer



Dear Summer,

As your end is approaching I cant help but admit that I am a little bit heartbroken. Where has the time gone? Wasn’t it just the first day of Summer yesterday? Why do Winters drag and Summers fly by in the blink of an eye?

I just want to thank you. Thank you for your sunshine smiling down on us. For School being out, beach days with our toes in the sand, breathing in the ocean breeze, and outdoor activities. Thank you for late night swims, smell of a fire burning, and yummy s’mores. Thank you for the longer days of sunlight that let me savor every moment with my family. Being able to bond with them is important especially after a long day of work and a long year of school.

Thank you.

As the last weeks of Summer are quickly approaching I have noticed the same repetitive conversations happening.

“How has your Summer been?”

“It’s been great. Ending fast though!”

Looking back on the past couple of months I can say my family and I have had a great Summer. My daughter went to a new camp that she loved, and didn’t want to end! We spent every moment we could outdoors. We even took a couple of weekend trips away and a nice long vacation visiting our loved ones. We got to spend some of our weekends at the beach, which is our favorite thing to do. Last, my daughter got a visit from her BFF which could put a smile on anybodys face!

However, as I am typing this I think of how sad it is to think that Summer break, not just Summer, is at its end. As with everything we now have to transition into yet, another school year. A year where my daughter becomes a third grader, yikes!

On an optimistic approach.

I won’t be a party pooper and complain about Summer ending. Instead I look forward to a new season, upcoming new year, and many more beautiful memories.

Until next Summer. It’s been real.



Your biggest fan.



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