About this Super Mom


Here is where you get to find out all about me. Are you excited yet?!

I guess the first step is to introduce myself, so here it goes..

My name is Kristy and I am a wife to one handsome man and a mother to a beautiful 7-year old daughter. I couldn’t be more blessed!

I was born July 9th and that not only makes me a Zodiac Cancer but also 27 years old.

My husband and I have been together for over a decade (est. 2007) but recently tied the knot on December 3, 2016.

Aside from blogging I am a Bookkeeping Assistant as well an Office Assistant to a local pool company. I like to say I was hired as a Bookkeeping Assistant but over the course of five years I have been known to wear MANY hats.

Focusing on my education background I am proud to say I am a High School graduate! Whoo hoo- Just kidding! I do have my diploma however, in addition I have education from a local Community College with a certification in Early Childhood Education. I also have my Associates in Business and Bachelors in Psychology both degrees from University of Phoenix – Online. Cheers to all online students because it sure isn’t easy!

Now that boredom is taking over lets get to the point.

Why do I call this blog, ‘This Super Mom needs a Drink!’ and where/how do I even begin a blog?!

Well, I have been told many times in my life that I should be a journalist or write blogs. I never really found the time for this because even right now it is really taking up a lot of time (totally an excuse). In all seriousness, I truly do have a passion for talking and writing in case you haven’t been able to tell yet. I love to read, write, and also lend an ear for those around me to vent to. I believe that our minds are very powerful and full of many wonderful capabilities. If you have a gift you should chase it and knowing writing is my gift it’s time I chase it. I also believe in laughter being the best medicine. I strive to make my friends laugh and smile and shoot sometimes I even make myself laugh. Ok, maybe more than sometimes I am my own comedian!

Ask any close friend to me and I promise you that they can recall times I would talk them to sleep at sleepovers. Actually, I am sure my husband could tell you this as well, considering he has to share a bed with me. 😉

Now that we know a little about me I hope you enjoy yourself throughout my blog! Feel free to contact me for anything!